8/3 Do Not Lose Heart

2 Cor 4:1 Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.

His mercy gives us this ministry. It is a ministry of love. We love and spread his message of love. We recruit for His Kingdom others to love with us. This is His kindness which he bestows on us. It is a gift. This purpose is necessary for us and because of it we can persevere.

This mercy causes us to know what we are to do and continue until he collects us to our home. Because of this we do not lose heart. This ministry causes us to persevere. Who could imagine that this would be so essential to our salvation and enjoyment of life? Thank the Lord for this mercy gift.

5/5 Advocate

1 John 2:1 But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father–Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.

For those who grieve their sin and have remorse, this is good news. These do not sin often or easily but anguish over theirs. These are looking and striving to walk in the Spirit and do his will and this promise is for them alone.

These receive abundant grace. The Father is pleased to extend mercy and Jesus calls on their behalf. Because of Jesus it is liberally given.

For these, you, receive your gift advocated by Christ for you. Thank him and run to your spiritual labor with confidence and continue in your pursuit of holiness extending this mercy as freely as it was given. Continue and finish your task. There is no time for bemoaning your sin. Thank him and rejoice that you have Jesus the faithful going before you.

4/17 Patience in Suffering

James 5:11 …patience in the face of suffering…The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

The Lord has your back so get dirty. You suffer, we all do, but not all continue to do the Lords will. Press in. In pain persevere, the Lord sees. You are not alone in spite of your feelings.

The Lord is full of compassion. If you suffer, he knows. He is wonderful and doing a mighty work. Believe him. Put your hand to the plow and do not quit. Compassion is for those who believe and as result persevere.

His has mercy for you. He hurts seeing you in pain and will not let you last there forever. Know it is his perfect loving will. You have a partner in your pain and he will relieve you.

Go to him in prayer in your pain. Let him know you will not quit and that you know he will deliver you.

If Your Selling, I Ain’t Buying

Trying to convince someone to be a follower of Christ is estimable. Listening to the individual can help yet there is still a more comprehensive approach.

Evangelism should be steeped in the natural form of good relationships, service and discussion.Image

I’ve been a diligent evangelist for years. Over this time I’ve evolved to a place of care for the individual and speaking in context; simply informing of the facts.

I have friends outside the church whom I’ve spoken to about Christ. The result is a closer relationship and they actually enjoy the conversation.

I center over what is agreed upon in the relationship and work in this context. Here are a few generic examples.

A guy moves into my house for sundry reasons. I provide the basics (housing and food), I help him outline a path for his future and assist him in achieving it. I provide accountability and assistance in life foundations and an ear to hear his concerns.

If a conversation arises for input; I give it and it is Biblical. The individual goes to a small group meeting is not too religious, sharing concerns and victories. We finish with prayer for one another. He goes to church on Sunday…the meeting is full of worship without creative and novel spiritual antics…the message in concrete and challenging…

Most often the result is a desire to be baptized….I think it is because the message and the messenger are consistent…active love and tangible care!

Others outside the church see and hear of our love for each other and for those in need. In this context I handle the relationship much the same as the former. They will talk to me and many times reject other voices…some times they thank me and invite more of the conversation in future meetings…

I do not use “sanctified” language and if the context is right I may use some strategic culturally un- approved bits to spice it up. I come off as knowledgeable, respectable, trustworthy, sincere, and passionate…none of which are a turn off.

In contrast to the preachy, forceful, know it all and do nothing person it comes off pretty well. Typical evangelism will have a hell-of-a-time reaching these same people, who by the way, aren’t as resistant to Christ as they are the messenger.