Why Choose Jesus: Reason #1

Originally posted on The House:
Many people choose Jesus over all possible choices of religious leaders for emotional reasons: “spiritual sensations” or they “always knew” it was true. That’s great! Burning in the bosom or Slain in the Spirit it doesn’t matter, it is an experience. Some have prayers answered so this confirms their belief…

Superficial Grace

Originally posted on The House:
Grace, forgiveness and long suffering have depths to be plumbed. I know each of us to some degree have been on both sides of these forces. We have given them and received them. Each has an appreciation for these to various degrees. Suffering in relationships helps us grow to value…

Family verses Kingdom

Everyone wants a good family and a comfortable life. This is ordinary and I expect estimable. However Jesus has a little different angle on family. Jesus is calling us to trade the dream for the Kingdom. I think you can live for one of two objectives in life, for pleasure or for purpose. This is … More Family verses Kingdom