Book of the Poor and Rules for Christian Radicals are essentials for those who call Jesus Lord.                                                                   CLICK IMAGES

Book of the Poor deals with the mandate to care for the poor. It is not well understood how close to God’s heart they are.bop kindle cover jpgkindle cover jpg

Rules for Christian Radicals shows what it is like and what a person of God can expect working amongst the underclass of our society. It is based on years of experience helping the drug addict, prostitute, criminal and undereducated in our culture.

The latest book is great to help outsiders find the truth of the Gospel. The Venerators!

All these titles can be purchased at

The Venerators: Chose Your Superhero


10 thoughts on “Books

  1. Finished The Venerators. This book answers many a question you may want clarified in simple understandable language.. There can be no doubt as to who can trust for your eternity. Choose your super hero wisely. Your eternity is at stake.

  2. I started The Venerators today. I wanna get it finished by tomorrow night so I can tell everyone at house church about it. I finished the other two books also so I plan to tell em about those too, maybe bring copies to show em if it’s alright with you.

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