2 Cor 4:1 Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.

His mercy gives us this ministry. It is a ministry of love. We love and spread his message of love. We recruit for His Kingdom others to love with us. This is His kindness which he bestows on us. It is a gift. This purpose is necessary for us and because of it we can persevere.

This mercy causes us to know what we are to do and continue until he collects us to our home. Because of this we do not lose heart. This ministry causes us to persevere. Who could imagine that this would be so essential to our salvation and enjoyment of life? Thank the Lord for this mercy gift.

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  1. As I move forward in years, and in my faith, I continue to have those challenges, no, fights!
    Jesus continually tries me.
    “Will you trust me in this?”
    Though He ruins me..
    We CAN NOT lose heart!
    We must pray without ceasing, especially for each other!
    God Bless You immensely.

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