body modelBeing fit is hard work. It requires discipline in exercise, sleep, and diet. If you have ventured any distance into the realm of fitness this is what you will discover. Six days a week in the gym, a balanced diet with lots of protein and good sleep habits. The body you are looking for is on the other side. It is for anyone who wants it.

However, because we all want a short cut to a great body, businesses are grown and money. They know we would all like to be fit and amazing looking without the gym and of course lots of goodies! We do not want to diet but only want a pill. If you look into magazine from “Men’s Health” to “Body and Fitness” you will find beautiful people posing by a supplement bottle or a weight loss concoction. This is to sell you fitness in a bottle.

Ones see a beautiful person next to a miracle formula, guaranteed to burn fat and give you a six pack. What you do not know is that the body model in the add works hard in the gym and does all that I previously mentioned. Right before the photo-shoot they cut weight. This is why they look so great. Who knows whether they took the supplement or medicine? Through this they can sell you a miracle elixir; fitness in a bottle. They know what you want and make a lot of money.

It is bought even though it sounds too good to be true. You can’t take a pill, eat a dozen doughnuts, watch Duck Dynasty endlessly and have a lean, cut physique.

Being a Christian is the same. We want spirituality without the corresponding discipline required to get it. We want to be like Apostle Paul but we do not want to do what he did. Through asking Jesus into our heart, baptism, convenient theologies, church service, and other mixtures we hope that we will be that spiritual man or women we read about in biographies.

It doesn’t come. It won’t; it can’t! What will come, are disappointment and lethargy; spiritually fat and flabby. You may just conclude that God doesn’t have some great task for you or that he doesn’t want to use you in a spiritual way for his Kingdom. This causes you to do less. One simply leans back and expects nothing, doing only some minor exterior Christian religious acts…or go to another conference!

One wants to be like these spiritual greats, like Jesus, as cheaply as one can. This is a problem and a danger. It is a problem because this isn’t how it works. One can get a lot of knowledge in the process of being a “Christian” and feel they are mature in the faith. This is a well-supported delusion. However it is only pride in a disguise.

One can be part of a church and even be elevated to higher position and responsibility, but still be spiritually dwarfed. Others of lower rank in the Church look to that person as a spiritual giant and emulate them. The result is reproduction in kind: spiritually immature, biblically knowledgeable people with tenure.

There is a danger also. The threat is that one may find themselves, just close enough to the spiritual realm, that when Satan discovers a right time, he will destroy them. Even with all the assets just mentioned, one cannot stand against the enemy. These will be vanquished. One may respond “But, isn’t Jesus protecting me?” “I’ve read that somewhere in the Bible.” The answer is “Yes!” he is, however he protects one through a spiritual connection which once initiated is maintained.

There is only one way to get to spiritual fitness and continuous growth. This comes in a co-laboring process with the Holy Spirit. It is outlined in the scripture and it goes like this. Faith is initiated. One reads the Word, gets counsel from the more mature, and takes each thought captive to Christ. This is a good start. They use meditation and prayer to remain in a state of spiritual awareness. This is “Walking in the Spirit.” One must meet with other believers regularly to encourage each other in the faith. While meeting one must provoke and be guided to love and good deeds. Finally, one must carry out the will of God generated from love.

One must be aware that there is an Adversary and he works in the mind to destroy trust in Jesus. This must be kept in mind always. The spiritual in Christ must put themselves in a place to walk with the Spirit as I previously described. This is how he protects and guides the Christian.

In this process there are many spiritual trials that Christ uses to harden faith and develop higher levels of protection. The result is greater faith and intimacy with Jesus. From here spiritual maturity is gained. Acts of spiritual valor in Jesus name are displayed and spiritual power is exhibited.

There is no pill. No elixir will do it. The special conference won’t change you. Only the diligent application of the spiritual tools he has provided will cut the spiritual fat and give that nice cut look of the beautiful Spirit of Jesus. Through away the pills. Just say no to the box of doughnuts and sweat a little.

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