5/24 Death is Dead

Rom 6:9 …death no longer has mastery over him.

Do you see the value in this? You no longer are living in the uncertainty of what happens when you die. Before this was unknown, in spite of your many wishful thoughts and conjectures. You knew these guesses were flimsy and baseless dreams. They gave you no peace. But now, there is the resurrection and eternal life.

Before, you knew life was short. This caused a certain level of angst. It was your life; short and frail. You needed to get the most out of it. You needed security, safety, and peace. You needed the best family, most fun, and possessions. It was a “Use is or lose it!” type of pressure, inherent in “one life to live.”

This caused you to push to get what you wanted. This resulted in sin. You pushed situations and others. You bailed on commitments and turned on those who no longer satisfied. It caused sin of every type in both attitude and action.

Now with eternity in mind, you have plenty in both time and resources. You recognize that this life is just the first stage to eternal pleasures. This life is simply a little trouble before you move on. You see your life here, like school or the university. It is only a little trouble with great promise for the future. Now you are free to give and love, because you no longer have to struggle to get it all now. What a freedom!

See eternity as your home. This life is short and to be used for others. A life to set others free for eternity. Love freely, give abundantly and enjoy the metamorphosis, until you fly away to eternal pleasures. Give thanks and smile at life and look toward Heaven!

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