Rom 5:3 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;

It seems odd but is true in the Lord that we glory in our sufferings. Suffering is something not to be shunned or avoided but accepted from the hand of God and it is good.

Will you, not can you see suffering as well and a blessing. Will you embrace it as from God and for you and the extension of the Gospel? This is right to do.

As you persevere you are ensuring your salvation through the strength gained and the hardening of your resolve. This faith that is being strengthen is the assurance of your salvation.

Salvation is not light matter and no one enters in without suffering. Only those who have suffered and persevered will be saved. If you give up the faith that saves, you are no longer protected and you lose.

Endeavor to praise him and trust him and continue until you reach your goal; the salvation of your soul.

Thank him and praise him. Look to your prize and appreciate what he is doing to make you overcome, even through trial.


  1. Great word for me today pastor Cliff. Yesterday we plant trees n tomatoes at the ranch n toddy I’m hurting. Lol just Cuz I’m old. Lol. But it was certainly what u needed to remember today‼️Many blessing to u this day‼️💖👍😊

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