The House

Many people choose Jesus over all possible choices of religious leaders for emotional reasons: “spiritual sensations” or they “always knew” it was true. That’s great! Burning in the bosom or Slain in the Spirit it doesn’t matter, it is an experience. Some have prayers answered so this confirms their belief that they hold as truth.

However many adherents to other religious say similar thing. Feelings are a bad indicator of truth. Imagine getting in the Space Shuttle and the engineers saying “I have goose bumps! I’m sure it will be fine!” Ridiculous?

Some of the reasons we have given for trusting Jesus sound ludicrous to others. Actually, they sound ridiculous to most of us. You might think yourself persecuted because they ridicule your reasons for believing, but maybe your reasoning is ridiculous. It isn’t surprising they would feel this way when you don’t have a sound reason. Outsiders simply find…

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