laborIt’s like a ghost. You can see the image at a distance. You pursue it and once you are where you thought it resided, it vanishes. Life is like this, following and chasing a phantasm. You pursue happiness but once you have what you want, that happiness you thought was there, evaporates.

This isn’t to say pursuits with godly purposes aren’t worthy. It is actually necessary in faith and love. But man, this can really kick your butt.

I heard a song on a jazz and blues station. One part said “Troubles and trials almost over.” It is true, I keep reminding myself to chase a different vision. Not to abandon godly visions for this world but recognize the larger pursuit and what part the other plays in the process.

Troubles and trials are almost over. That is it. I really won’t be here that much longer. Moreover, this is where I work. It is not my home. It is in vain to build the life you might imagine or fantasize about here. It is but a vapor. Everything leaves you empty distraught and cynical. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if it was just a reminder to us that there is nothing good in this world and everything will rob and rape you. Therefore, we will trust. We will hope in Him. We will look to him as our pleasure and hope.

The grind matters. It kills all passion for this world, people, events, possessions, and desires. It is a laughing image as you fall and struggle, it mocks you. But; if we see it in its proper light, it is really our helper. It makes us long for a different place. This is not our home. This is not our family. This is not our dream. Here we are taught to hope for something higher. We are changed to pursue something greater. Our purpose is greater than happiness. Our home is not here, here is not our pleasure, here is not our joy, here is not our family. It is there.

Troubles and trials are almost over and for those of faith who are trained to hate this world, they will see God. These will put their feet on the couch of heaven…no more bullshit!

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