4/22 Shielded

1 Peter 1:5 …through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation…

You are protected by God for the salvation of your soul. He is guarding you, that you may enter Heaven. This kind of protection is sure and you cannot lose. The game is rigged for you to enter into eternal life and avoiding Hell.

He brings us eternal life in His Son through Christ’s death for you and the resurrection that will come. It is yours. It is a certain. So relax! No!

This protection is available because of your faith. Do not let it wane. This is the mechanism that brings His protection. Continue to trust through all trails and difficulties. Do not give up. Faith is your job and protection is His. Ours is to trust and He protects.

Know this as you continue in faith your eternity is secure and protected by our Mighty God. Thank Him and remain in a faith that manifests His love to the World. Meditate on this and pray thanks to Him for the protection of your soul for eternal life.



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