1 Peter 1:4-5…and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in Heaven for you,

An inheritance is really something to look forward to. When a relative passes on his/her wealth to you it is an amazing gift. They labor and simply because they love you, they pass on their hard work to you without cost. What a thing to leave your loved ones and what a gift to receive.

In a heavenly sense God does this for you. You have stored up for you a wealth indescribable. This is all because He loves you and you have proven your sonship by your love. You have replicated to the world your faith, demonstrated through your love for the world because you reflect his sacrificial love. You are his, part of his family. You do what he did for others.

He eagerly gives what is his to you. It awaits you. No matter what your state is today you are truly wealthy beyond belief and understanding. Can’t you wait to be with him and receive what is truly yours?

Pray thanks and see yourself as this wealthy one. See the truth that you have amazing things in store for you, because of the gift of Jesus to you his beloved.

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