James 4:6 God…shows favor to the humble.

Humility is espoused as valuable amongst us. I’m not sure it is often something incredibly inspiring. It isn’t a place most strive to be in. I can see this even more as I read this definition: Humility – “having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience.”

God is kind and gives unfair partiality to those who willfully take this position before him; one of insignificance and subservience. What a place to receive from him special attention and favor.

Humility isn’t so much a posture, expression, or language in public and private discourse but one expressed toward God. Jesus often didn’t seem humble to his contemporaries but before God he was. He is our image, model and God.

“I have come to do your will oh God,” This is the position in attitude which is reflected in action.

Continue minute by minute. Take this posture before God and watch his loving hand work in a special way in your life. Thank him in prayer even now and in meditation see yourself yielding to him, saying “Yes” to your master.

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