James 3:18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.

Righteousness found in peacemaking. What an ambition and calling to make peace. This in fact results in righteousness, that righteousness that is approved by God our Father.

Peace making runs by gentleness and wisdom and it is fueled by humility. It is not demanding but is resolute. Peacemaking has a goal and forces its self upon division and strife. Because its force is exerted not by ultimatum and accusation but wisdom, clarity, and conscience it averts the barrier inherent in strife.

Making peace with enemies and bringing its moderation to the conflicts of others, righteousness will spring forth in places formerly barren. Godliness of this sort will produce a garden in former wastelands.

Determine in prayer and meditation to see conflict and react in peace and reconciliation. Prepare your mind for action. Conflict and strife are surrounding you, so prepare and engage so that a righteousness unnatural to this world will prevail.



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