James 1:9 Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.

In this upside down world this is counter intuitive. Take pride in being poor.

In James 2:5 God’s gift to the poor is faith. So being poor with all its difficulties is a high place in God’s eyes. We can connect the dots and show why this is the case.

In poverty one looks to God. As Paul states “…when I am weak I am strong.” In the worlds view this is a low place to be pitied but God knows what he has for those who suffer in this world.

In our poverty we have no place to look but God. When God is our whole source, we possess everything. Who has more than Him? Let us look to God, rich or poor.

The rich can become poor by giving abundantly and not living up to their means. They can be trailer trash for Jesus. Let us be that before God, holding loosely to the world and what we possess. Give it away and be rich with our savior.


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