4/6 Being Heard

Heb 5:7 ….he (Jesus) was heard because his reverent submission.

Jesus, our supreme example, was heard in prayer because he yielded to God and God’s purpose in his life. Jesus revered God.

So how now should we be heard? You have God’s Kingdom as your goal and purpose “seek first His Kingdom” and “I have come to do your will Oh God.” In this context God’s purpose for your life is unfolding before you.

In lifting God to His highest place in your mind, heart and life, he is revered. Honoring him at all times and in each event in your life and in reverent submission, you place yourself properly before God to be heard. Think of this great honor bestowed upon you. The President won’t see you and you won’t get an audience with the rich and famous. Yet, God hears you as a son or daughter. Moreover, those previously mentioned, in the most part, have no audience with God; but you do.

Pray with this awesome privilege in mind and go with a happy confidence in awe with a yielded heart.

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