Discipline in the Body: Use the Knife

The House

Much that needs to be done in the Church is difficult due to it’s structure. The church as organized has difficulty keeping purity. We have minimized the inherent cost of following Jesus to a prayer thus creating the “Virtual Christian.”
There are 224 million Christians in the US. Wow! if this were actual we would live in a type of utopia. But we don’t! In the Church we don’t even have an ideal body and this in a supposed group of Christians. Makes you think huh?
With the church so disconnected it is hard to sort through the people determining who should be helped or removed. The affect on the church and the culture is apparent. How do we know? We said they would ” know us by our love” yet we aren’t. We are known almost universally as hypocrites. Many of us are not personally responsible for this negative…

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