The House

The Devil is sly. Through deception and lies he brings us into bondage. It is a bondage that all too often is brought on by ourselves. And worse, we often can’t see it.devil

A curse or stronghold is devastating to faith and life. It causes problems with family, service, jobs, interaction with God and marriage. It brings emptiness, confusion, depression, illnesses, and even suicide.

A curse or strong hold is simply a lie from Satan: the author of lies. These come from various sources. They come from well-meaning friends and family, our youth, witchcraft and occult, false doctrines in the church, culture, feelings and trauma. These lies become part of the frame work of how we think and decipher the world. These lies lead us to destruction.

Well-meaning friends and family are a significant source. We have no way to filter these because these people are our highest source of…

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