Since we have been freed from Mosaic Law, which includes the Ten Commandments, the fourth commandment, to keep the Sabbath, is no longer obligatory to those of faith. So the question is, should we meet together and why? Should we keep the Sabbath or the Lord’s Day? If yes, then why and how should we honor the freedom that we have been afforded in Jesus?shabbat-do-it

Until recently, I would have said we are mandated by the Lord in the Ten Commandments to observe the Sabbath, the fourth commandment. Yet of course, the day, Saturday, was changed early on as we see in the Book of Acts to the first day, Sunday, instead of the last day of the week. We celebrate on Sunday to honor the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

In regard to the Lord’s Day, I would have agreed with a diminished but firm set of requirement (not as rigid as the Old Testament) for this day; to cease work, to have fellowship and to worship. I would have told those within my influence, not to work but rest, enjoy fellowship, receive teaching and worship on Sunday. I would have considered those who did not attend church or work as poor Christians and sinning.

Recently, after intense study of the scripture, I realized I was wrong. Rom 13:8 and Gal 5:14 (augmented by Rom 7:1-6, Col2:14-16, and Heb 4:1-11) make it abundantly clear that those of faith will obey the command to love their neighbor as themselves, and thus fulfill the commands of the Old Testament: the Law. We are no longer under any Mosaic Law and now live in the liberty grace afforded us by the Lord Jesus. This is true only for those of faith leading to obedience resulting in love. The revelation is that the Mosaic Law includes the Ten Commandments and once they were fulfilled in Christ, we were liberated from them all. Yes, even the God given and good, 10 Commandments.

You may ask, “Are you serious? We can now bear false witness and kill?” Well, you can if you want, but the law of love would neither kill nor bear false witness. A matter of fact it not only would not kill, it would care for the one deserving death. It wouldn’t bear false witness but would help them. A matter of fact one may very well fulfill the Ten Commandments and still be a real asshole! Amen?

So do we have to celebrate the Sabbath? The answer is “No.” Should we meet on the Lords Day, Sunday? Yes! However when I ask “should” I am really asking “Is it good?” not the question “Is it required?” It is good, but not required. It is an admonition from Paul to meet together and encourage one another.

Heb 10:24-25 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

We see its purpose, as stated by Paul, to encourage one another to continue in love and good deeds, acting in accord with Christ. Yes, this is essential but there is a spiritual warfare element. The soul is at stake and to be protected. We are to continue in the faith to finish the race of salvation. We must retain our faith and not give up.

This makes it more clear that the admonition of Paul is very important. Without this continual support and encouragement of the Body of Christ we will slip from faith, into a damning religion, called Christianity, and miss the prize of eternal life.

So, we conclude that we can do whatever we want in regard to the Law, we can celebrate the Lord any day of the week; if you are walking in Christ, operating under his Spirit, expressed in love. Moreover, love exceeds the Law. Love will cause us to meet where other Christians are, on a day that Christians typically meet with the purpose to love, to serve and to encourage other faithful brothers and sisters. This is what love will do. It always exceeds the Law in quantity and quality!

One may claim to be in the faith, but if this one forsakes the gathering, he/she is probably full of you- know-what and has or will fall from saving faith. This one is probably not operating in faith and love. But let God be the judge.

So, go to church, Saturday or Sunday or whenever and love the snot out of everyone in church so that none would fall short. Encourage them so that they would continue in the faith that brings life. This is so that each would walk in his Spirit fulfilling the law of love, receiving the gift of eternal life.

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