The House

She was ecstatic.”What a help! More than a help, a friend in times of trouble!” She smiled sweetly and tears flowed from her eyes as she recounted her story of distress and comfort.

ImageShe awoke one evening to a noise. Living alone had been hard and lonely.

She wandered down the stairs. As she reached the last step a hand grasped her thin arm. Driven to the ground, Jen’s mind carouselled.  Who was it? She hit the ground dazed by the tile with no answers.

Not him! He would never hit her. He was very much a gentleman.

The blow to her face was firm. Why, how, where…? Jen’s eyes looked down the coffee brown couch. Streams of blurred light reflected off his face.

The rhythmic thump to her ear was dull against the floor. She thought it strange to have such a beat without melody.  The adrenaline rush was…

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