Dude! You Married a Chic

How can a women know? It looks male, he has the look, and…the parts…but there is something peculiar, slightly out of place.

Well, here is your definitive guide to determining if you married a chic.lazy1

Does he whine? If he does, he certainly has a chromosome or two out of place. You know, you ask, “Honey, can you help out with the kids?” and he slumps. Oh, no…know here comes the whining.

When corrected does he get fussy? This isn’t to be taken by itself as a definitive sign of gender-warp but should be considered with the other indicators. Does he becomes cold and distant, pouty, and mopes in hope of a little attention, which of course he’ll reject to make you know how much he is hurt. Warm milk and cookies will console him.

Does he like to watch you work? No, he isn’t admiring you, he is watching like prey watches its predator, afraid you may ask for help. You know Youtube is just so addictive. Haha

Does this guy want an equal partner? I mean, does he want a 50-50 kind of relationship. Watch out it sounds nice but he is getting ready to lean on you. It really means he doesn’t want to lead, he doesn’t want to take responsibility. It is tricky, it almost sounds like he was ready to respect you but…it was merely a ploy to extend his boyhood.

Is he obstinate? Well, if he is, forget about changing him, in would be easier for you to change his genetic code with a pairing knife. Just forget about it as quickly as possible…do not go crazy!

Does he help out around the house or yard? Generally, a male who won’t, has spent too much time suckling off his mom and the effect is generally irreversible. If you are married to one, get a burp rag.

I hope this will help you determine if your man is in fact a chic. It may also lead you to greater wisdom in this often misunderstood phenomena. I hope this will give you the tools of analysis necessary for sexing your male.

It is nice, even if you can’t change him to at least identify the issue. It will bring you a little peace. It takes the confusion and mystery out of the relationship, otherwise, it is simply maddening thinking you are dealing with a dude, who is in fact a chic.

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