The House

I thought the droning would never stop. Unlike The Shinning there was no suspense and no compelling plot. Just droning… I thought “Can’t they see we are tortured and tormented!” As Jack horrorized Wendy-his wife in the movie-in a distant mountain mansion, we mercilessly endured with no hope of escape.Image

Wendy ran helplessly from room to room while Jack faithfully tracked her. In the same way with their eyes sighted on us, they made sounds without meaning. It flowed from their mouths like slow smoke. We were stilled and silent.

“If someone would happen by in a surprise visit.” she hoped. But with too much snow Wendy new the distance from town was too much to traverse: “Unlikely Just give up; surrender and He would be satiated.” But in our case surrender only inflamed the abuser.

They spoke and as they heard their own voices, it was as though there…

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