A Groovy View from a Temporal Hell

It has been said “There is no such things as a stupid question!” I can say unequivocally that that is one of the stupidest axioms I’ve ever heard. While playing poker the other night, two people, minutes apart asked “Who is winning?” Well, one look at the chips would have shown that I wasn’t and my son-in-law was. I confess really enjoy stupid questions when I get the pleasure of pointing them out. Yet, there are questions that when posed correctly produce important revelations.hipster

My mother asked me a question of this sort that lead me down an interesting path. I do not remember the question but I do remember the revelation.

I believe and follow the Bible. I am not a follower of our secular culture. I reject most parts of it. I’m an old school guy, appreciating much of what many Americans hold dear about the United States, but I’m not into Liberalism, Marxism, Secularism, Darwinism and the resulting practical atheism (living as if there is no God.)

I noted in response to my mother’s question, that the philosophies aforementioned have gotten much wrong but they have a queer and beautiful ideal. The idea isn’t queer, it is their plagiarism that is. Plagiarism from a God they reject. Their idea isn’t their own but authored by the great Uncaused Cause of the Universe. It is derived from God yet they reject him in word and in deed. It is the denial of the God of Creation and His decrees and a simultaneous embracing of His ideal. That is odd.

They desire a perfect world. They idealize it and affirm it in much of their well-meaning speech, judgments and politic. Many actually move beyond words and votes to more energetic action to fulfill their new world perspective. I do not reject their vision. It is a world where people “love one another.” In this World of Love, there is no war or famine, there is no rape and pillaging, there is no sickness or disease. All work and all share and no one is greedy. The environment is pure and crops never fail, all eat and enjoy life and one another in the bliss of a temporal paradise. I know, it sounds a lot like Heaven but with a ticking clock, wired with a buzzer.

Isn’t this strange. They deny God, yet long for His vision of the world and by their nature and pursuits preclude its existence. They are busy building their vision and at the same time tearing it down. These double minded-utopianists, devise plans for success yet plot for its destruction at the same time. They want good children yet won’t be good themselves. They want families yet stand against good marriage and fidelity. They want peace but are violent. They want a pristine environment yet drive, fly, live in the city, go to Starbucks creating waste and producing more and more.

Heaven is Heaven and Earth is Earth. We cannot liquidate evil but only keep it at bay. Perfection can be imagined but not realized on Earth. The best we can do is repentant before our Creator and beacon the forgiveness provided through His Son Jesus and encourage others to do the same.

It is a sad, that while imaging the flavor of Heaven they may never taste it. They reject the Author and his sublime beauty and perfection. They revile His authority. This isn’t a condemnation but I’m as one in an audience of the greatest human tragedy. This is a like a play, that when complete brings women to weeping and men to cover their faces. It evokes a silent scream of horror, that having Heaven in their hearts they may never enjoy it.

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