Yep, an atheist is made; self-made! Easy bake! But before I get to that, I simply want to explain what is before our very eyes. Something many purposely over look, like the house that you drive by every day and never notice. It is before our very eyes daily. We see beetles, trees, fish, oceans, birds and skies. The expanse of the Universe is a wonder. The body and its intricacies and our ability to reproduce are pretty wild. This is seen, but it is mostly done without wonder. Not often is the question asked “Who did this?”
easy bake
In the 1970’s, my father collected antiques in the Mojave Desert. I was 10 or 11 years old. There were old abandoned mines, ghost towns, and many remnants left in the sands by those who passed through the oven, waste land.

We would wonder at what we found. We would think about the people who brought them and that they once used these relics as a necessity of life. It fit very well with the TV programing of the time: Bonanza, The Rifleman, and many other of the day representing the 1800’s. It was natural to wonder at those who these prizes originated.

In the case of the atheist, agnostic or the practical atheist (one who lives like God doesn’t exist while saying they believe), they do not wonder, in fact much of their time is spent developing reasons not to see. Much of the politics, science, and academics are aimed to this end. By the way, I have not spent a moment, nor have others, developing intricate arguments for the non-existence of elves, gnomes or fairies.

So now to the kitchen. Atheists are baked or better said self-made, as they would prefer. If you ask the right questions you will find the right answers to how they are made. Why can’t they see what is around them? Why do they try so hard to convince themselves and others there is no God?

You see, they need to make God go away, like a little boy who covers his eyes when he is afraid. So the the answer is simple, if there is no God, then we are given over to do what we want without fear of eternal ramification from God after death. We can do what we want, how we want to, as much as we want. From this the head game begins.

They build ideas and arguments like a kid reasoning with their mother on why it makes no sense to clean their room. They come up with “Why is there evil in the world?” evolution, and eternal Universe that is self-created (It came by itself in nothingness.) Wow! Amazing what an imagination under duress can imagine. God made a brilliant mind; the misfortune is how it can be so misused. They are little Betty Crockers! These are cowards and unfit for Heaven.

It isn’t information the atheist needs for a proof. It is a new heart, one determined to live under the will of a benevolent God that won’t be fooled with. His name is Jesus!


  1. An easy-baked, simplistic view of people who don’t believe as you do. I’d suggest meeting some real people, probably in your neighborhood, who are regular folks, and don’t share your beliefs. You may learn something of interest.

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