This issue of drugs and intoxication have been a rather simple issue in the church for years. We simply understood that drunkenness (and getting high) was ruin and destruction and the Bible mandated not to become drunk. The Bible makes it clear that drunks and drug users will not go to Heaven.
It was easy to support biblically and obvious what destruction it had brought about in the lives of those in its grasp. Men’s and women’s lives were ruined, many acts of impropriety, sexual immorality, anger, abuse and other acts of evil. Families have been destroyed for generations, with the neglect and abuse of children; cursing their offspring.

So the church had no problem laying this out clearly, that one should repent and abstain from drunkenness and being high.

Today, Pandora ’s Box has been opened. Prescription drugs, medicinal marijuana and the legalization of marijuana have muddy the water. “Good” doctors who “know best” prescribe various drugs. Marijuana is actually portrayed as good and beneficial. Mental disorders have now been “remedied” through drugs so they say.

The difficulty is that, on one hand, we in the church want people to have the benefit of properly prescribed drugs. Yet, we still need to teach the parishioner to abstain from drunkenness or being high.
For those who have suffered under their control, these are often the first and loudest to decry the damnation they have suffered under them and that it is a lie to continue under them and call it good. Go to NA or AA for a refresher.

Those who have loved ones who have been prescribed drugs, have seen their quality of life decline to the gutter and grow to depend on them like a junkie. Some have seen them waste away as a result. It used to be a young person’s problem (now fun for all ages) but now it affects us from top to bottom. Today, we rarely find one properly using these drugs.

I understand why people use them for pain but much of this is no different than a heroin addict. It is hard for people to be honest with themselves and harder for others to be honest with them and their abuse.

Children are given drugs by doctors and parents, and as a result hindering the child’s emotional/life-skill development. Those who have trouble dealing with life and have not developed the skills to manage life as they aught, simply pop a few pills instead. This bars them from maturity.

We all understood that the call for medicinal marijuana was a smoke screen to make it legal across the board. And as we have seen in a few states, we are on the move to have it legal everywhere. This is not an advancement.

Now to the church. We want to be merciful but not support rampant use of drugs. We understand for those with behavioral/emotional problems, those who do not possess the skills to manage life, need them. Yet, our job is to wean them off and at the same time give them transformational power of Christ through the scripture and their wisdom.

On the pain end, we know some just need something to take the immobilizing pain away so they can function. This is good as long as they are not made to be zombies, staggering around and drooling…yes we have all seen them at church. It is sad and they are junkies. We must encourage them to moderate and do the other things in their life to reduce the pain like…getting up and moving, exercising and curbing their donut intake. Yes, a lot of their problems were and are self-induced due to the sin of lethargy and lack of self-control.

Marijuana, really! Can anyone say “recreational?” Stop using marijuana if you want to call yourself a Christian. You use it to get high. For those who dubiously claim it is for pain; use something else that doesn’t steal your life and motivation and leave you in the “Cheech and Chong” stupor! There are ways to deal with these issues that do not leave you shiftless and dull.

The world has existed for millennium with pain and have not lit-up a bowl. It is a joke! In the nowadays, there are more alternatives than ever before and more are on the horizon even from chemicals in pot. (see the foot notes for websites) There are no good reasons for intoxication and what are sold as reasons are simply excuses to get loaded.

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