This isn’t a discussion on trani’s or sex changes. That is quite over my head, one best left to psychologists and exorcists, depending on your preference. It is the man and the woman and the family that I feel inclined to discuss, with special illumination to the state of many women today and the role of men.bad husband

Through observation of many relationships, counseling marriages and discussions with those married for some time, I’ve drawn some conclusions. I think they are very relevant and less to do with women than men.

I once visited with a female co-worker asking her why she became and engineer. She said her mother told her, she had better take care of herself by getting educated and get a good job because “You can’t trust a man.” I thought “Huh, that is probably a good, safe way for a women to deal with the fact that a lot of men are unreliable.”

This got me thinking. She did the right thing but it was only because many men have abandoned their families, not been good providers, and were still trying to live as boys. I just heard a song iterating this in its title and theme “A Good Hearted Woman and a Good-Timing man.” It wasn’t a new song, I guess this has been around for a while. Here are the introductory words:

“A long time forgotten the dreams that just fell by the way
The good life he promised ain’t what she’s livin’ today
But she never complains of the bad times
Or the bad things he’s done, lord
She just talks about the good times they’ve had
And all the good times to come”

She is portrayed as a model women with a jackass for a husband. Why would a women want to be in a relationship with a man like this? She has to be good and he runs around ruining her hope and dreams.

Add to this the Biblical dilemma for Christian women, the mandate for a women to submit to her husband. If this is the case as I’ve stated, then of course women would be rightfully afraid of submitting to a “Good-Timing” man. Things are out of order. This has resulted in feminism and many women losing their nurturing instinct as demonstrated by them having fewer kids and more women working outside the home.

And now men are having a difficult time finding a good wife because the women today have been created to do his and her job. This requires him to take a more passive, famine role which in the end she isn’t pleased with, still longing for something that is lost in movies and fairytales. Women are taking note: If they can do it all, then why bother with a man.

Some women still would like to have children so they get a man to make her pregnant and even better, the baby comes with a check and she doesn’t have to put up with the extra baggage of a “good timing man.”
She can do it all. She is more than a woman and more than man. She has evolved into a She-Man.

As a result, no one is happy. All alone, no trust, no relationship, no love, children without proper family, and ultimately cultural decay. This is because of generations of all too many self-serving men.
To the answer; Men are to provide protect and engage in family development. He is selfless, calm and wise, engendering trust and deep love. He works hard and comes home to the family.

It is not hard for a women to be committed and take the lead of the husband that works and cares for his family and isn’t self-indulgent. She is free to love and commit and do her part in advancing the family.
In the end the monster created in the basement laboratory has turned on her creator a “good timing man.”

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