It is nice to be respected and esteemed. We are good parents, not perfect, go to work and take care of our families. We enjoy good relationships and have our kids in sports. It is our dream and our hope; having a good life. ven

I was one of you.

I guess this had been my desire, not that I have given up on all these, they are great. But I found them wanting, they are not enough. In my mid-twenties after achieving my main goals; a good family and a career as an engineer, I discovered I was Neo, this was before the movie The Matrix. I begin to ask the question “Why do I exist?” “Will I just live and die like all before me?” “Did life have meaning?” “Was there a God who created me?” “What did He want?”

These questions have set my life on quite a different path.

But this brings me back to you, my peers, and my companions on this journey. How is it, that you still haven’t asked these question? Are you still satisfied?

Without asking these questions you miss life. Oh, you live, and you enjoy this middle class lifestyle, the eat, sleep, work cycle, punctuated by times of pleasure and the cacophony of pain. But what is it for?

I designed my life to enjoy my family and build my world. It would be with smart, successful children who admired me. A wife to enjoy throughout it all. Traveling to out of the way places and climbing mountains and many sorts of harrowing adventures. I am a risk taker.

I needed money. To do all this I would work in my career but also with others of like mind to create wealth, enough to enjoy what I desired.
I was a good person, no enemies, nothing to be ashamed of and no one to hide from. I would use all my time and money to burn every last inch of my life to the fullest.

This may look a little ambitious, but I was in my twenties.

However, I asked the question.

Now in my fifties, I do not look back in regret, except that I didn’t ask the question sooner.

My life is an adventure but more than I could have anticipated. I have had dreams fulfilled that I never had.

If one only missed out on some greater unknown that wouldn’t be that bad. You wouldn’t know what you had missed. Like someone who goes to Los Angeles unaware of Disneyland. Yeah, they had a good time but it wasn’t Disneyland. You may think you had had it all. Yet, that really isn’t the whole issue; missing out.

Do you have an imagination? Can you dream more than a rodent? Ask the question. It isn’t only about you, but your family and your friends and your community. Much is at stake.

I have always thought that the world is as it is not because there are so many bad people in the world, but that the good are so busy enjoying life that they neglect making the world as it could be. It isn’t that we make it bad but we exercise our talents for self-serving ends at the expense of those who need us.

I wasn’t bad, I just spent all my time, money and talents on my pursuits such that I had nothing left for others.

What does God want? Does He simply want good families? Of course He does, but not only. Do you see what I see? Can you see the decay or are you so nestled in your suburbs to notice?

I am amazed at the delusion. I often have people say they are good and admire my interest in serving the poor, ignorant, fatherless and the like. But they never enter in with me. Did you know this is God’s desire? He made you what you are to help them, yet you haven’t asked the question. You are so occupied.

I’ve been told that one could do these things without God but this again is spoken out of ignorance.

I’ve been told it must be satisfying to help the underclass yet few enter in with me.

Some have said they could do it without God but few try and never consider the cost and pain and that without faith one could not endure the long haul of selfless living.

Many seem to know so much but have not yet lived it. It is like man speaking about what it is like to be a woman.

Ask the question. Move from the mundane and into life.

“The truth will set you free.” –Jesus Christ

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -Jesus Christ

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