Knowledge! Information: It comes from many places; benign and evil and many seem trivial.

donnie darko

War, it has been said, has been by religion. This is ridiculous and easily refuted, proved false by the most historically literate.

Ideas! All wars are ideological.

Ideas! These are powerful, good and destructive. How can one tell the difference?

We can imagine good to an extreme as destructive and conversely that good can come from evil. Strange!

In this labyrinth who could discover except by experimentation.

Much has been tried and many have failed testing these prideful notions.

Minds put in order fragments of information to bring order relegating truth to an observer of this intellectual game. This makes philosophical truth an absurdity because of our brains tendency to order chaos irreverent of truth.

Information, books, media: It was said once to “Chose books like good friends.” very carefully! Is it apparent why? This isn’t a puzzle.

Since the mind constructs order from chaos, conclusions are subjective. It is hard to reason without this dilemma.

Even with experimentation with an idea and it’s subsequent failure, it is still pursued by the true believer in the idea. One is so convinced by the illusory perception of order, that he must try again. Until when? Until it works!

How many iterations are necessary to discover an idea is an illusion? How many generation will suffer under it hands until it is cast aside as a relic of a torture chamber with the others?

There is only one escape from this noise, chaos, and rhythm of confusion.

Divine intervention!

Without God it is otherwise a puzzle with millions of fragments, inexplicable, indiscernible without the box.

In God’s word is the idea and the principle. This is the Rosetta Stone. Miss this and you are a drift, left to the impending plunge with the masses, down the out off view waterfall the awaits.

The lesson is: Read, think and devise at your peril (and that of others) without The Guide: Jesus Christ.

Some have wandered from the truth, following the inventions of man. The most devastating have been by those written by those amongst us, namely under the Christian mask. Many are led astray by Frank (Excuse my indulgence with “Frank”, I just watched Donnie Darko) – bad rabbit!)

Choose wisely your “friends.” Read and know the Word of God first. Quit trying to cheat by following the inventions of the guides of our age. This has led many to destruction.

After, you can read with sight and order. Read all things through the principles of God to see clearly.

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