Congenital Sinner: It is My Nature

So everyone has sinned. So what’s new? I want to talk about those who have decided to live in sin and call it good. Now that is different. There is a huge difference between those who have violated God’s law and those who claim what God has called sin, good and participate in it as a lifestyle. They pick their particular indulgence and sanctify it. Now here is the context for this writing.shutup

Two things to consider are labeling and justification. Some take the title of their particular iniquity and it provides justification for this sin. They were born with a particular depravity and are not responsible.

Who identifies themselves with their sin? I mean, who uses their sin as a title? Do you ever walk up to a new acquaintance and introduce yourself as a liar, thief or drug addict? One may have a certain propensity but it is resisted and they actually will deny the title, even if it is generally true. Can you introduce a friend saying “This is my friend John, he is a liar!”

This is not how it goes, even if we have a propensity toward an evil and are denying ourselves, we do not title ourselves as such.  Would someone who lies call themselves a congenital liar? Who runs around identifying themselves like this? By referring to oneself as “congenital” means it is their nature and thus is how they were designed and it is beyond their ability to control. It is not their free will but their nature.  Or who refers to themselves as a thief or fornicator by nature, or worse identify and title themselves as such.

Now it seems that if someone were born a liar, thief, or fornicator then they can’t help it and are therefore justified in acting these out. You see, they can’t help it. Then why do we as a culture in many cases prosecute or reject these behaviors as bad? The answer is apparent.

Now what if the Bible states these behaviors are sin and rejected by God?

Everyone has sinned and many have strong propensities toward one or more. These are repressed and avoided as is necessary to gain forgiveness through repentance that comes from trust in Jesus. But who says “I’m a Lying Christian.” or “I’m Fornicating Christian.”? These are not things we identify ourselves as. We may confess we were such but resist these leanings in the forgiveness we have found in Christ.

Some are wanting us to say homosexuality isn’t a sin because they were born that way. It is like a race or religion. They would have us change our scriptures and say because they were born that way that it isn’t sin. If this is true then there is no such thing as sin.

Since we all have a propensity toward sin, that we were born with, no act can be judged by culture as bad or even God as sin. Nothing is perverse, nothing can be judged as evil, no person can be deemed aberrant. But what is really going on?

Could it be that culture shifts at the whim of the powerful? Good and bad change by public opinion or a democratic vote. For example adultery has fallen from a prosecutable crime. It is against the law in only a handful of states and it generally isn’t prosecuted.

The Bible has not changed. Lying is bad. Stealing, sex outside wedlock, and the like are still sin. No one claims innocence in these issues but all who want to live in accord with God through Jesus have turned from these inclination even while being tempted. No one claims perfection but a determination to abstain and grow toward the perfect will of God.

Those found guilty of these sins do not claim innocence. Each has determine it is against God and humanity. They abstain and do not promote it as good. It should be discouraged in our family and culture.

In spite of all this, some promote homosexuality, call it good, and stress it is natural for those who practice it. It is treated like a skin color and should not be discriminated against. Should this be normalized while the other sins are not?

Even though the culture has given in on sex outside wedlock, adultery, pornography as art, and now homosexuality as normal, some press for further reform. This reform is that not only can’t this be punished by law, can’t be discriminated against in the work place but also it can’t be spoken against even from a particular religions perspective.

Some want us to say that homosexuality is good and normal and no different than a heterosexual marital relationship. The new social ramifications have shifted from homosexuality to those who speak against it. This is now directed against a religious stand point.

Do we hate liars, thieves, and sexual deviants? No, and even if we have participated in these sins and struggle with them as we speak, we do not promote them as good but stand against them. We do not promote sin. Why? Why do we care? Well that is how love is.

The New Testament states clearly that all these will be judged by God. So at our best, we will inform our brothers and sisters of this fact and encourage them to repent and receive the forgiveness offered by Christ.

The most unloving, wicked thing that can be done to those still in the grasp of sin is to say nothing or encourage them by saying it is good to continue in these sins. The great evil is telling them it is fine with God and that He understands. It is horrible to tell them that God doesn’t mind, telling them God won’t punish this sin in the afterlife. The most hateful thing to do would be to promote their cause and to marginalize those who speak against these acts.

As a result of this message some will call me a hater even though my actions show otherwise. My love is proved by my actions. I’ve cared for those in every type of sin, including homosexuality. They have lived in my home, they have been cared for emotionally and physically. They were not berated while being informed of what the Bible says. It is left to them at this point to make up their own mind. So now who is the bigot?

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