For years the devoted have adhered to the principles of their faith. They have been satisfied to follow the doctrines and submit to authority. But a silent revolution has occurred in many hearts. They have lost their faith.

“I just find it too narrow and bigoted.” said by the formerly faithful. Another simply said “It is full of contradictions and there are too many hypocrites!”losing religion

This has been a slow, steady drift noticed by these institutions. As of yet there have been no clear, viable strategies in turning the tide. “I’m concerned that this lose of faith could cause us real problems. Once faithful followers will use what they have learned against us. We hope we don’t become vestiges of knowledge and hope.” reported by the Honorable Jeff Staunch, leader in Chicago.

Now free of constraints, many have not just left their formerly secure place but have become enemies of their formerly held beliefs and lifestyle. Many have explained a feeling of liberty and freedom that they had never experienced. One even said “Thank God for this weight lifted from me!”

There are winners and losers in this phenomenon. Yes, for many of these organizations it is a loss of power and finance and a fear of becoming obsolete. Yet for others it is a boon and a real jolt of hope.

The church has really been helped through this drift. Many formerly disheartened and confused souls have now found refuge in Christ leaving their secular roots. These new members are filled with new hope and love, freed from their malaise. These secular systems once a place of security are now seen as gulages and places of torture.

Now it is on the shoulders of the Church to repair the damage of these disillusioned and send them out as a revolutionary force. These new men and women, freed from the bondage of sin will be sent to live lives free from their former construct. They will live for the cause of Christ; sacrificially live for God and humanity.

It is left to be seen if the Church will manage this revolution with wisdom and the fear of God.

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