I thought about siting facebook posts but it was too much of a pain and it would bore you.unfollow

The point is that I’ve been dropped as a friend many times and all for having a differing point of view, “Thin skinned they are!”

It goes this way; they make a post. You bring a counter point of view. Then they say “Don’ t judge me.” or “Don’t judge!”and you explain judgment is different than disagreeing. This doesn’t help. Then after awhile they Unfollow you.

It is simply a ploy to shut you up, silence the descenters!

I have many people in my life I disagree with in attitude, words and action, and so do you. Yes, I think they are flat out wrong. I will challenge it because that is the right thing to do and strangely is truly loving.

Now real judgment includes condemnation and ostracization. If I were to exclude them and mistreat them for their attitudes, words or actions they could rightly state that I was being judgmental. But since I don’t, they should simply conclude that I disagree and leave it at that, and make their argument more clearly.

But they drop me as a friend. Now that is judgment; excluding me because I disagree.

Remember, it is simply a ploy to shut you down and when it doesn’t work they click, Unfollow!

I’m not complaining but explaining the phenomenon. Do not let them shut you up. They need to hear you out. And if you disagree, please don’t Unfollow me…

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