As Christians we have a clear mandate to affect our culture for Christ. Souls will be lifted to Heaven or cast into Hell for eternity. Jesus died for the sins of the world and we are left to emulate him and pbook promo poster jpegropagate his message inviting others to follow him with us.

Here is a framework to help you:

  1. Serve
  2. Share
  3. Justify
  4. Give
  5. Invite


Find people who need help and take care of them. In the context of following Jesus and participating in the church, we find people to help.

This includes all people, some have homes, some don’t. Others are using drugs and others aren’t. It really doesn’t matter where they are in their need, we just help.

You must find ways to help. And then do it.


When you are at work, school and other activities share what you are doing in normal interaction.

Each of us have activities that we are engaging with the general populace and developing relationships. In these relationships we discuss our lives. From here we describe what we have been up to and what is important to us.

You must have current stories of how you are helping people. Without this you will have empty words, meager results and risk being ineffective and empty in your gospel presentation.


Explain why you do what you do with the Gospel. The question naturally occurs, whether asked or not, “Why do you serve as you do?”

Even if the question isn’t asked you can know for sure it is present, so tell them why.

It goes like this “Hey, the other day we were talking and I mentioned that I often am helping people and spend my life this way. I figured you were wondering why, so let me explain.”

The answer is because Jesus tells us to live this way and explains that if we do not have faith in him such that we adopt this life style we can’ go to Heaven and those who do not will enter to Hell.

You are simply a story teller and explain why you live this way.


Give them The Venerators.

This can be given to those we have relationships with. You need to have studied this book and outline it so you can give the ideas on the fly.

Give them the book after diagraming the first part of the argument. We all die and something happens. We do not know what it is. Some have said they know what happens. Since we do not know we have to trust someone. This book gives a frame work for you to figure out who you trust.

After you have given them the book follow up by asking them what they are thinking as a result.


Have these people over, invite them to church events, and encourage them to come to church with you.

You need to invite them to lunch after church and other events.

We must take them as far as possible and let them decide to say no or not yet.

I believe a few of us actually are serving others. Some of us are engaged with other relationships sharing how we are living. Most of us do not answer the question why and give the gospel and many have no power because even though they can state the gospel, they are not living it.

A few of us have read The Venerators and very few can articulate the frame work. Not many have given the book out. And not many of us invite others to church.

We need to put all of these elements together to be powerfully effective to live the life of Christ and helping deliver people from the corruption of this world to the Kingdom of Christ.

Go work!



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