“He is peculiar!” he said puffing a blitzer. “Honey, He is fine!” Yeah…you’re probably right.” Exhaling the vapor. Pez enjoyed relaxing, admiring his mate in the moonless air, blowing vapor and thinking; hoping his bgintuition was wrong.

Pez admired Jem’s manly features and beautiful, piercing feminine face. Pez himself had a stout brawler’s frame that of a logger’s age. Emotionally compatible, they lived comfortably, intimate and faithful, with their prodigy. Jess always was more nurturing than Pez but it didn’t mean he didn’t care. But their son was peculiar.

Lower crime and advanced technologies brought some peace and cleaner air. The Breeder Age was gone. They rested.

Pez and Jem had grown up together having intimacy well before their union. But a committed same sex union was extolled. They were bored after 5yrs and their desire for pets arose. They dreamed carefully for a child.  This occupied much of the next few years, there discussion and prayers. It seemed as though it would complete them, a dream really.

It was rare as to be thought impossible, except for the luck of a tube-baby ordered online and won by lottery. Intercourse for procreation was rare, population was necessarily declining.

The idea of going backward was not even a possibility; a destructive endeavor. Breeders had almost destroyed the hopeful possibilities; “No war, love and general comfort” was how the line went. But they still wanted a child.

Eventually, a child came available,a baby. The child’s parents died mysteriously, some of the last and grateful deaths of the nearly extinct breeder class.

Seth, 17, inquisitive and natural, had peace and love from his parents; good in school, comfortable with a bright future but something stirred.

Blazing, Pez screamed for Seth “Wow, what a rake! You skittled his butt!” Seth was an excellent Zazen, a game, armored for action, simulating active thinking art to contend with dark forms of the craft. Slashing, brilliantly he marked and colored with digital exactitude with his right brain app with speed, in full body armor, stroking and winning. We was good.

Games were regularly simulcast over the region and Seth was popular amongst many of those who followed the game. But things were changing and Pez was noticing.

In a genderless world, boys and girls, as they had once been called, stood as competitors and admirers’ but never as mates. Not yet forbidden by law, breeders were not just unpopular but were left with few options, without an easy road and in many cases destined to an impoverished, lower rung of lifestyle. To have children was very daring. Seth stirred.

“Why is there dirt on my window sill again?” “Pez, quit dumping shit out the window! Use the garbage!” “Hey…I don’t get what’s up your butt…no pun intended! Haha” Pez laughed. They enjoyed being playful this way.

A streaking light across the lawn losing luminance every so often to be lit again approaching from a distance. A voice pricked the silence “Seth, is that you?” The light approached with heavy breathing.

The darkness overcame as the light fled, leaving nothing but steps and eager breathing. “You here?” Mike, muttered in a quieted voice.

They touched.

Seth, obscured by the darkness felt her hips and they hugged. He knew Mikes shape and smile and boyish cut with a lock over her right eye: a forbidden attraction.

They were disquieted by their illicit fascination, but they couldn’t help it. Knowing it wasn’t right or normal something drew them. They heard of the blasphemy of Romeo, and Juliet’s perverse absorption in this kind of thing. Yet, they held each other, at least for the moment.

“What are we going to do? They’ll figure it out.” Seth nodded in the dark. “We can leave!” he said. “But where Seth?”

In the blackness, as Adam and Eve, they embraced, kissed and hoped, with Zazen force, fighting against the dark art, slashing, a crushing scribble and a gutting streak, a new, real fantasy, a journey to nature’s oblivion.

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