walmartIn an effort to stand for the rights of pilferers many took sign and blow horn to protest WalMart’s prosecution of lifters.

WalMart has regularly pressed charges on thieves for lifting from their Stores. When a representative of WalMart was asked why they were persecuting thieves he stated “We don’t like them and wish we could put them all in Jail!” This is an obvious crook-phobic answer, a phenomenon plaguing our country.

Some Walmarts are asking for background checks which further deepens the divide and the accusation that they discriminate is harder to defend.

One protester noted “Walmart even fires employees for taking products. They are “lifter-bashers!” The protest lasted an hour and broke up after one of the shouting crowd had his wallet taken and another couldn’t find her iPhone.

They say they will be back and even have marches to raise public awareness.

Resent legislation has been submitted that would make it against the law to discriminate based on identification with this lifestyle. It will be voted on in December. Senator Jippo said “My constituents are fine loving people and have been unjustly kept from participation in the American Dream!”

Business owners in the state are concerned this may negatively affect businesses.

Commentary: It seems in an age of diversity we as a society would have moved past discrimination but apparently this is an uphill battle. Some Bible bashers seem to think because it is in the Bible not to steal, that they can jam down our throat their ancient customs. These seem to hide behind their religion as a mask of hate.

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