In thifeet3s Barna study we find most people not knowing what positive impact the church has on society. But after this the most notable positive was care for the poor.

“Slightly more than one out of every ten adults (11%) said Christianity had not made any positive contributions to the United States.”

“One out of every four respondents (25%) said they could not recall anything of this nature.”

“Most of the non-Christian segments of the population cited serving the poor and underprivileged as the best thing that Christians have done.”

So most do not see a positive impact but about 1 in 10 say helping the poor was the churches greatest impact. Wow!

Now, if owned Microsoft and only one in 10 people new I made software for PCs, I would immediately fire my public relations and advertising team. Then there would be a thorough investigation to find out if we really were making and selling software.

Do we know the value God puts on caring for the poor? Only about one in ten of evangelicals, the least in all demographics, thought the greatest contribution of the church was benevolence.

I conclude that the outsider to the church isn’t sure what we contribute because we do not. We just do not teach and train in caring for the poor. Caring for the poor is material, emotional, practical and spiritual.

Maybe if we figure out what Jesus wants and do it; maybe the world will know our brand and product and praise God!


  1. We know benevolence is way down on the list of “CHURCH” priorities, just look at their budgets. If we look at our own budget we can see where our priorities are as well.

    Good piece CLIFF!

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