menThis book does a great job on this issue of men and church. He outlines the most basic factors that affect men. He discusses how they think and what appeals to them. David Murrow also outlines the history that has brought the church to its current form, which generally repels men.

“Why Men Hate Going to Church” also shows how, the church draws women and men who are attrated to the same style which has weaken the church. It values safety when men value risk and as a result we have a more effeminent church culture than is represented in our culture in general. David Murrow states “Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re getting.”

He is right when he says “Jesus made it clear that risk taking is necessary to please God. In the parable of the talents, the master praises two servants who risked their assets and produced more, but he curses the servant who played it safe.” Rarely do I hear this said to the church today. He also notes what I have thought for years….”“Executives and politicians are often distressed by the way churches are run.”

He touches on a question that is forbidden in the church that I make note of often “How do churches conceal this scandalous lack of productivity?”

He also touches on the motivation to maintain this staus quo: money, “When Christian manufacturers target women, they make more money. When religious broadcasters target women, they get bigger audiences. And when churches target women, they get more volunteers. It’s a simple numbers game.”

I laughed when he wrote about modern Christian language played out in a mock Christianized version of a conversation between to men:

“ROCCO: Hey, Spike, let’s go for a ride in the desert so we can develop a passionate relationship.     SPIKE: Sure, Rocco. I’d like to enjoy some intimacy with you.”

Here is another gut buster ““I have a passion for men, particularly young men.” I thought, Hm. I know a counselor who can help you with that.”

The only thing he misses, although bounces around, is the our Gospel understanding which is a the core of the problem David states “Again, there’s no need to alter the gospel, Jesus, doctrines, or core beliefs.” He writes about our gospel lacking self-sacrifice then misses it that the Gospel is call to risk….I’m not surprised since this main blind spot of the Church today.

For this lacking I give it only four of five stars. Good jod David Murrow and his book “Why Men Hate Going to Church”

Murrow, David (2011-11-01). Why Men Hate Going to Church (Kindle Location 2317). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

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