It is time the two sides made up. There has been a demonic tension for years over two approaches to ministry. We were virtually forced to choose, like a child between divorced parents: Evangelism or the Social Gospel. In this battle evangelism has won and left us blind to the physical needs of those around us. This book calls for a unifying truce.

bop kindle cover jpgThe ideas of giving Jesus for eternal life and helping meet physical needs are not opposite extremes of a pendulums swing ,but perfection when operating symphonically together.

Jesus is practical, He met the immediate need, along the way telling of forgiveness and eternal life. Actually the cutting edge of our work is mercy ,to care for the persons needs. In this context it is easy to communicate Christ’s message of love. Book of the Poor is a clarion call to a resurgence of compassion, to reestablish the Church as the mission of hope (like the vintage Christian missions once were) .

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