Trying to convince someone to be a follower of Christ is estimable. Listening to the individual can help yet there is still a more comprehensive approach.

Evangelism should be steeped in the natural form of good relationships, service and discussion.Image

I’ve been a diligent evangelist for years. Over this time I’ve evolved to a place of care for the individual and speaking in context; simply informing of the facts.

I have friends outside the church whom I’ve spoken to about Christ. The result is a closer relationship and they actually enjoy the conversation.

I center over what is agreed upon in the relationship and work in this context. Here are a few generic examples.

A guy moves into my house for sundry reasons. I provide the basics (housing and food), I help him outline a path for his future and assist him in achieving it. I provide accountability and assistance in life foundations and an ear to hear his concerns.

If a conversation arises for input; I give it and it is Biblical. The individual goes to a small group meeting is not too religious, sharing concerns and victories. We finish with prayer for one another. He goes to church on Sunday…the meeting is full of worship without creative and novel spiritual antics…the message in concrete and challenging…

Most often the result is a desire to be baptized….I think it is because the message and the messenger are consistent…active love and tangible care!

Others outside the church see and hear of our love for each other and for those in need. In this context I handle the relationship much the same as the former. They will talk to me and many times reject other voices…some times they thank me and invite more of the conversation in future meetings…

I do not use “sanctified” language and if the context is right I may use some strategic culturally un- approved bits to spice it up. I come off as knowledgeable, respectable, trustworthy, sincere, and passionate…none of which are a turn off.

In contrast to the preachy, forceful, know it all and do nothing person it comes off pretty well. Typical evangelism will have a hell-of-a-time reaching these same people, who by the way, aren’t as resistant to Christ as they are the messenger.


  1. Well said Cliff. Simple enough! and it gets easier to do this the more you see the value in Christ and what he has done for you. Why wouldn’t you when the debt you owed has been forgiven? Its easier to love people when you look back and see how you can relate to them in some regard and remember how Jesus dealt with you.

  2. Sunday or Monday I talked with a neighbor at my house. This was his first time to my house. This man was talking so much I could not reply. I could tell he was trying to convince me he was okay. I reassured him I was not trying to trick him into saying a prayer and convert him.

    When he was leaving he thanked me for the conversation. Again as he walked out of the house he said, “I really appreciated you talking with me!”

    Treat them, as you want to be treated?


  3. So here’s my problem. I have all these friends who dont want to hang out with me because they know I’m a Christian. They all think it’s party time and why not get wasted and sleep around all the time? Here’s a wonderful example of what I mean (keeping in mind it ‘s been less than a couple years since I, myself, felt the very same way). One of my friends posted about getting wasted on their facebook. I replied with a little friendly reminder that her body is a temple (cuz sometimes we need a reminder of that fact) and this is how she replied : ” it is time for me to learn from my own mistakes my whole life I had to grow faster then I should of why can’t i pause it for a min I’m sick and tired of my family judging me or even expecting too much of me or others running my life for me Wtf do I have going for me right now anyway why not have fun and make memories as much as I can good or bad I don’t want to be that stiff boring person that has nothing to tell I love u too and I understand the concerns but really there is no need for them right now”. My question is, as a Christian, how would be the most effective way to respond to this sort of logic? Or should I respond at all? Also, my sister thinks the same way. Should I be worrried? Should I try to help? What type of things should I say to her and my other friends who think like this?

    1. Good Questions!

      First, we can’t convince anyone to do what is right for themselves or others…we are competing with their desires…it is a no win.

      Second, we simply inform them of what they need to consider when making decisions and remind them of the consequences.

      Third, they need to be reminded that they should consider what God thinks….1) we all die 2) something happens 3) We do not know what happens 4) Some have said they know and 5) We are stuck trusting someone…desire doesn’t form reality nor does wishful thinking…..there may be horrible consequences in the after life….these must be considered…

      From Here if they are willing…they can be directed further….but they have been informed of what they should begin to consider…

      It is a process…be patient and give them information when it is appropriate…The Venerators is a great book to help you get better at this.

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