mercyA pharisee asks Jesus how to have eternal life. He responds “Love God and love your neighbor.” And Jesus says “Do it and you’ll live.”

Then the pharisee wanted clarification on who his neighbor was and Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan.

In short, two religious guys walk by and do nothing for the guy beaten up in the ditch. A regular guy, not of the cloth, helps the guy by getting him a place to stay and pays his ticket.

Jesus asked the pharisee “Who had mercy on the guy in the ditch?” He responded, “The Samaritan.” And Jesus says “Go do like wise and you’ll live.”

I’m not expounding on the parable but the excuses people give for not helping or one particular excuse. “It is that the Good Samaritan didn’t take him home but put him in an Inn.”

So if there was no Inn and he was by your house, would you leave him, or would you take him to town or the next if necessary to take him to a hotel? You may not of heard this one…I think it comes up when Christians find out someone takes a needy person home to help them.

It is the natural response of someone trying to limit love. It is like the two religious guys that walked by the guy hurt in the ditch.

PS The answer is when you see someone in need, do what you can and quit making excuses…and ye shall live. In isn’t about hotels and houses!

Here is another one that is great for word smiths who are trying to get out of the loving work, see Matt 25:31-46 (It say when you have done it unto one the least of these brethern of mine…) They selfishly conclude “We are commanded to have mercy on other Christians (brothers) not outsiders.” Yes, I have heard this legalism more than once.

This is preposterous…Jesus had compassion on all kinds of sinners. This hardly deserves comment. When one is looking for away out of the obligation to love, one becomes rather creative.

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