Most believe to abide in Christ is a feeling you walk around in. This would be generated through prayer and meditation. This is not quite what the Bible says. The answer is important. I’ve heard pastors who we all respect miss this scripture by a mile.

Prayer, meditation, Bible reading, and worship are all essential elements to live as a Christian. We are called to do all of these things and they are elements of our spiritual defense. But Jesus states in John 15, where we get the concept of abiding, to abide means to live a sacrificial life of love.

The reasoning goes along this line. He states that we must abide in Him. Then He clarifies and says to abide in Him means to remain and remain in His love. At this point I could be confused. I hope you are too because He is still speaking in the abstract and it could mean anything you want it to.

Then He says to remain in His love we must obey Him. Okay, we are getting closer to a clear picture. He goes on to say we must obey His command to love. Now you may think He has clarified it as far as He needs. We think “Well now it is clear.” but you would still be wrong.

He goes one step further, He says to lay our life down for others. Clear huh? Well do not think he is  simply talking about your heart, that you would be willing to die for someone. He is talking about everyday living. Lay your life down; aspirations and security. This how is to abide in Christ.

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