ImageI heard this on the radio the other day. The announcer, a well refined gentleman, spoke of a politician and said he was an ambulatory excrement! I laughed, not be caused he cursed someone but could not call him out right a walking piece of shit.

 He had no problem cursing someone but due to the FCC and his refinement he couldn’t say shit.

 Just today I heard someone clumsily say “male bovine excrement!” Oh…my virgin ears!

 I knew of some ministers, that for fun, where debating whether or not it was a sanctioned word amongst Christians.

 We often miss the point, again straining out nats and swollowing camels. To call some one an idiot is a curse and forbidden amongst us but culture has blurred the line.

 There are culturally taboo words…they may or not be used depending on the context. If men are with their friends at work and say I need to go poo-poo it sounds strange to the ear and gets the attention most men do not want at work. But if one of them used the word crap (a word with a strange etymology) no one would notice and respect amongst workers would maintained.

 Telling grandma your gone take a dump is to harsh…it just depends.

 Culture determines forbidden and approved words. “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Culture determines what can be said and when and to whom. The right word for the right moments.

 Not to long ago I used the word crap while preaching…It was funny to give a few religious pew sitters something to sink their teeth into….aha…”He is not Holy!” It is amusing religious balderdash. See, I sneaked one in on you!

 Mire, dung, crap, human dirt, excrement, feces, offal all mean the same thing but lets us never say the S— word. This is very strange…

 Using God’s name in vain is serious and need to be looked at….

 And cursing someone violates the law of love and forbearance….pretty nasty!

 So to call someone a piece of shit is bad and taking one is just a fact. Be careful who you say it to and also be careful saying poo-poo to your construction buddies.

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  1. In this culture I think it would be grandma saying crap! The church is so cloistered in their little world they actually live in a false reality. Thank you for exposing our lack to focus on the majors. We spend our time on trivial matters all the while people are hurting all around us. We have to lose our priggishness and make the church relevant again.

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