I met a 17 years old girl. My boys brought her home from the bowling alley. They overheard her say she had no placeImage to go overnight and would find somewhere to sleep outside. I am proud of my boys. They told me there was no way they would have left her, putting her in danger.

They brought her home….they didn’t call beforehand ….they knew the answer was yes.

She is pretty normal. I mean her story is similar to many I’ve heard. She is from a broken family. Her mom is a meth addict and her father isn’t around. She said her father saw sired 22 kids, half of which she doesn’t know.

She took care of her two younger sisters. Having encouraged the youngest sister, she has been unable to help the other. She is involved in drugs at thirteen and lives in a drug house.

The 17 year old has been traumatized by the death of her older brother who was running drugs with her dad.

Her brother  called her one day, excited and wanted her to go to his house. When she arrived she found him shot dead in his kitchen. There was no suicide note and the gun was found in and adjacent room, but the police didn’t investigate. She thinks it was a drug related murder.

Sunday evening my wife and I picked up a 22 year old gal. She is into herion. She is likely off to prison due to recent felonies. Her boy friend is in jail. Monday morning I took her to court….to her surprise she had a bench warrant. She turned herself in…it was a safe way to come down off the heroin. She made a good choice.

I picked her up after she was released from Jail. She looked rested and was about done with detox. Seeming positive about her future, she shared of her drug past, crime and mother who has struggled with drug use. Her mother is clean now. She described molestation at a young age and the fear and shame associated with it.

I don’t run into these people by chance. You don’t accidentally catch a fish do you? You have to get your poll in the water.

An action group is a way to get your line wet. I am adamant that an action group is essential for you to fulfill your call to be like Christ. You cannot love and help the broken useless you are with them and you cannot find them unless you go where they go.

Find a group of people and begin to pray and strategize.

This group will develop a way to meet people in need. Then you will work together to help them.

You’ll have a deep impact on your community and before you know it you’ll have more people to help than you can shake a stick at.

The girl using heroin left our house back to her prison of addiction. Before she left we were able to get her boy friend released from jail. You never know how things might work out!


  1. This is all to common of a story in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” with out GOD, Healthy Families, Responsibility or Accountability.

    We keep plugging away, caring as God brings the needs to us.

    Good job, Ricky and Raymond!

  2. What this church is doing is wonderful! This is what it takes to change the world. I’m honored to be apart of this group

  3. I’ll tell you, there is nothing more wonderful than to be involved in the rescue of the broken. One soul at a time, one act of courageous Christian love, one moment to touch the lepers and speak to the “sinners” is all it might take to reach them.

  4. I think this is awesome that you are reaching out with Christ love. I disagree with one point you made and that was ” You cannot love and help the broken useless you are with them and you cannot find them unless you go where they go.” Unfortunately, the broken are all around us. Not just in the concentrated areas where drugs are. There is molestation, drugs, abuse, etc, in the urban and perfect looking areas. Christ is needed everywhere and to reach them you need to start talking and begin a relationship with anyone. Not just the obvious.

    1. I get what you are saying…but when is the last time you just ran in to a homeless person and engaged them, or a meth addict or a poor family losing their kids to Child Protective services.

      To be available to the mostly unseen delimas you must find ways to engage.

      In a suburb…you do not often see these people and even if you did you may not recognize them and engage…and how would they know we would help…this is even more unlikley to just happen because of how we generally live; in our castles with moats…

      It is like fishing without a pole…yes, your surrounded by fish…but we do not expect them just to jump in to our boat….

      Anyway…just more to chew on…I thank you for your insight and the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other!

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