You are Judgmental!

If someone tells a person not to lie, steal, abort, commit adultery, or commit murder for that matter, isn’t it hypocritical and judgmental? Since everyone has sinned, sins and is sinning, don’t you think we, the church, should all just shut-up and mind our own business? Shouldn’t we leave people alone? Isn’t it hypocritical? Doesn’t the Bible say do not to judge? Where is the “love” of Christ?

Should judges, police, parents, or pastors warn against certain behaviors since they are only human themselves? They are not perfect what gives them the right to judge? How could they do this without being perceived as “judgmental”?

Some say, it is cruel and unkind to state that sex outside marriage is wrong or that homosexuality is perverse. As right as this may seem to some on the surface, is it really love? Is this balanced with the rest of scripture?

It is natural to warn people. You do not have to be a Christian to see this. We always warn people if there behavior can cause problems. I cannot see how letting someone go in a destructive direction, without warning them, is kind and loving. If it is bad to warn people, then parents would be considered enemies to their children, pastor would be viewed as overlords of the church, and the cops would be seen as the Gestapo!

Now if I were not a Christian, I probably would not care to warn people. I would not care what anyone did if it did not directly affect me or my family. If people destroy their lives and families, I would not consider it my business. I would not hurt or help them, I would just take care of “me and mine” as is often said. But this can’t be called Christian love.

Since it is considered, by some, to be less loving to help, encourage, and admonish it is not surprising that these cowardly build a defense to protect themselves from the battle by justifying their apathy. It is ugly, so they veil their faces with lace. They selfishly want to be liked. I f Jesus had taken this  perspective, of these culturally blind and selfish, pseudo-Christians, Jesus never would have been crucified

I never had enemies until I became a Christian. But, does being a Christian make you judgmental? No, it makes you care for the first time. Before we got drunk with our friends. We enjoyed all sorts of dissipation with them.

However, now we do not participate. We let them know it was wrong instead of encouraging it. We give them a bigger perspective on the impact of their actions and attitudes. We encourage them to change. We question the state of their soul. This makes us uncomfortable to be around. Even if you smile and laugh with them, it is hard for them because you are challenging them to change. As a result we are often misunderstood, judged as “judgmental”, excluded or worse. Why do we think Christians historically have been persecuted, as even many are today?

Back to the issue of everyone sins so no can say anything to another person about their sin. We know this is flawed thinking ,so let’s look at this a little more closely. It helps to see there is a gradient from depravity to righteousness: 1) When one is committed to self and is unrestrained, they sin shamelessly. 2) Some admire and submit to doing what is right but fails to live to the standard this times. 3) There are others that are not perfect, yet they are not committed to sin nor do they fail in the major categories of sin.

It is ludicrous if someone admonishes another to quit lying if they are actively lying and then mistreat that  person because they lie. But, if one was once a liar and is abstaining (even in their imperfection, failing at times) says to their friend “do not lie!” what is the problem? It would be different if they began to mistreat them for their lies, while cutting themselves slack. And, the third category is similar to the second. So what is the problem? I think this is self-evident. Actually, I have talked about this so much over the years that it has become annoying to me…it is so obvious. It is like explaining why you believe the Moon is round: it is self-evident.

It is not surprising that the quasi-Christian and the neophyte get this wrong. It is apparent that they would feel uncomfortable loving a person for their betterment since comfort, avoiding conflict, and being liked is their objective. They are not willing to pay the high price of loving like Christ. Yet I have not judged them for they are already judged by their actions. So this is just an invitation to repent and quit judging those who are doing the hard work of cultural transformation.

Often times these people become obstacles to the church and those engulfed in sin. To gain acceptance they on one hand accuse the Church and on the other hand make it harder for the unrepentant. These distorted Christians are perceived to be insightful and enlightened by their non-Christian freinds. As a result, Christ is left with mud on his face or formed to be more like this quasi-Christian. The Jesus they created is more like the artist of this caricature of Christ, it is a deformed Picasso of themselves. This isn’t Jesus. In the end it does the most damage to those with the greatest need of the forgiveness. The listeners is blocked from Christ.


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