ImagePersonally, I like the constitution. These are the rules we established on how we would bring peace and unity, in our country, to protect individuals God given rights. These are the rules guaranteeing we will have freedom of religion and freedom of expression. They are a protection from a tyrannical government to be guarded by our elected representatives….well, over the years these men and women have allowed it to be eroded.

We uphold the constitution as a whole to ensure maintenance of the rights we have enjoyed for generations. I defend this right.

Oppression is always around the corner. This has been shown throughout history.  

I believe in defending the Constitution. It has always been damaged from the inside and not from foreign entities. We were warned by our forefathers. “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

I respect anyone who has a gun for self-protection especially women, elderly or the poor souls living in the inner city. I respect those who do not have them also.

I do not mind dying for the cause of Christ but I do not want to die at the hands of a simple criminal. That would be a bummer!

If we lose our Constitution, we will loss our freedom of speech and eventually our ability to carry out the mission of Christ to some degree (look at world history.)

I will happily continue to do my work as a Christian if it happens in my lifetime. I would joyfully be imprisoned, suffer, have my property confiscated for the mission of Jesus if need be. This won’t stop me.

We are only here a short time….the afterlife is worth waiting for. It is worth living for and if necessary to die for.

If I thought removing guns from the United States would solve crime and murder, if I thought the government would ensure our rights instead of take them, if I were confidant we would never live under a tyrannical regime: I would gladly want all to give up their guns. But….

But, I do not live in a fantasyland. I live in the real world. There are bad people in this country from top to bottom. Sometimes they sneak in your window and other times they put you in jail.

The recent argument for new gun legislation has been “If we saved just one life it would be worth it!” They do fantasy-math. First, they assume they will save a life, which is dubious and then they do not count the deaths of unarmed innocents. In addition, they neglect to consider the affect on other types of violent crimes that will arise. And finally they do not care about the constitution any longer. It is now Mans Rules…inalienable rights are going away, which is easy since they are doing their best to remove God. Wow…I hear they still use the Bible for the Inauguration….I wonder when God will smite the one who lays his hand on the Bible and swears with a lie to uphold the Constitution.

I am not even a gun guy but I am sensible and I have been laughing at the gun free zones for years. What a joke! Bad guys do not care, they break the law…get it….a law like this cannot save anyone’s life, it just executes judgment on the perp! After the fact, we have one dead guy and another enjoying life in the Super-Max!

For many years, the government’s approach has been incrementalism. Your rights are not gone in a day but by nibbling, they shrink little a cake left out overnight at my house. Some who are young are naive and haven’t the life experience to see the effect. My country is unrecognizable to me today through the effect of incrementalism. They constantly legislate, nibbling at our rights. If you are now middle-aged as I am, you have seen a relatively innocent culture get swallowed up….it is bad! Funny but my mom and dad’s culture was even better in this regard.

So the cost of evil is death….Wow….that sounds…like…Biblical. (God didn’t take away guns but simply warned us that if we do not live right there will be Hell to pay!)

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