ImageI am not a tough guy. I can work hard, persevere, and do the tough thing. I can handle myself due to training in wrestling. But, I am not a UFC fighter or a Navy SEAL. I know what a really tough guy is and I am not that.

This being said, I still think I can kick the crud out of peoples so called gods.

The God of creation is formidable and untouchable. However, the god formed in the mind, the personal preferred god, is quite wimpy.

It exists in the imagination. He is the god formed by the mind and is subject to that mind. He is encapsulated in the brain and cannot escape. No matter how powerful the artist portrays this god, this god cannot embrace, love, help or save. The only power this god processes is to temporarily console and condone.

This god consoles in difficulty and death with comfortable lies. It condones anything permissible by this god with the cooperation of mind.

The power of this god is only alive at the whim of his master host that he indwells. While he is slave to the inventor, he is also the tyrant that traps the host. His power is absolute because he has complete unity with the host.

This master forms the god and then is slave to this god. This mind is not a permitted truth. Truth is the enemy to this god and his residence. This god’s commands demand absolute adherence of the host. The host is bound to his formed and preferred ideologue.

This god is mortal and eventually dies!

We conquer these hidden god’s with truth. These gods are defenseless and indefensible. At best they can hide. Sometimes they come out in the dark to protect their host through argument and rhetorical sleight of hand. This will continue until faced head on with truth, then they run for cover of darkness again. Through the silence of the individual, they remain until it dies with the host.

Truth takes these zombie gods down! Truth is the little satan they fear.

This god is formed by many types; even religious Christians.

So, I might not be tough but I have the truth, so I think I can handle any of these so called god’s.

Bring it on zombies!

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