ImageI think we all believe murder is the worst thing a person could do. Some feel pretty good about themselves saying they could never murder let alone kill. I am not one of them. Killing is not that hard. Point the gun and pull the trigger.

To kill you simply use the gift of compartmentalizing. We use it every day. We fire an employee knowing the distress it will cause individual fired. We spank kids knowing we love them and we did it for their benefit. Judges put people in prison for life yet have good family time and great relationships.

I have killed many times. I had a ranch where I killed innumerable animals. They were sweet, furry, and lovable. I was very fond of many of these. You may wonder how I could do this.

I have applied what we do every day to something many have never had to do or are willing to do. To kill you compartmentalize. You say animals are for food. We gave them a good life and ended it humanly!

It is bad to compartmentalize for the sake of evil. Some people steal from the store giving the excuse,”I stole from the store but it is okay because they have a lot of money and I was hungry.” “I can steal from my boss because he does not pay me enough!”

It is only bad to use it if we use it to do evil. Without some moral limiter, this ability allows for Ted Bundy, Chairman Moa, Jeffery Dahmer and Stalin to commit horrible atrocities.

Now here is the real problem. Most Christians use this to avoid helping people in need. I am talking about all needs, not just the homeless.

We never pull the trigger we just walk on by! Compartmentalizing work!

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