ImageI see outrageous articles on the net. When I see an amazing article passed through Facebook I immediately do a source check and verify it is real. More often than not I have found these stories to be false or without a reliable source.

It is irresponsible to pass on untrue information and stories. We Christians above all should do our source check before passing a story on.

When a friend passes you a story you assume it is true because you know your friend wouldn’t lie. But that isn’t the issue. Most people are lazy and assume it’s true for this very reason–because the source is a friend. But that is how it got passed on in the first place. It goes from one person to the next until it goes virtually viral thru the Christian community.

Also many of the stories are things we want to believe. It supports our agenda. So some do not question or care if it is true or not.

Just take the time to ask questions of the person who posted it, then do a source check through the internet. If it is dubious or can’t be verified tell the sender (the person who posted it) and recommend they remove it until it is verified.

We Christians need to be sure we only share the truth. We can’t love the story so much that we corrupt people with lies. These stories are rampant.

The latest story many of you read was about an Egyptian man who reportedly killed his wife and buried his kids alive. She was killed for reading the Bible. The girls were found alive reporting they were cared for by Jesus while buried alive until rescued.

I hope this is true but there are no sources verifying the story. Actually there are many websites claiming it is a hoax. At this point I don’t know if is real or not so we shouldn’t share it until it can be authenticated.

Now this has been a problem amongst us Christians before the advent of the internet. I have found Christians are willing to tell of miraculous stories such as these without a concrete source check.

Do not be lazy and do not spread lies and distortions.

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