ImageI have heard that a Christian cannot be demon possessed. Really? Ask Judas!

He followed Jesus, was in the ministry and cast out demons. He walked with Jesus for three years.

The Bible says that at the last supper Satan entered Jesus. He was one of the first Christians!

Why can’t Satan enter you? Are you better than Judas? Have you cast out some demons? Have you kissed Jesus?

Why can Satan enter Judas and not you?

You shouldn’t take comfort in the title Christian or a sincere prayer. Will an experience with God protect you?  “He can’t enter me, I speak in tongues!” “Jesus healed me and I’m full of the Holy Ghost, I’m safe!” These are nice pronouncements but are all subjective and based on experience. Is this what defines a Christian protected from the demonic?

This isn’t an exercise in splitting hairs. This subject is consequential.

Two things protect us: Obedience to Jesus and heeding His warnings.

Obedience to the command to sacrificial love is the mark of a Christian. They say yes to the needs of the world around them. They find the lost, love them and heal them. They spend their life in this pursuit as Jesus did.

Jesus warns us to protect ourselves. Do you heed his warnings? Be alert and walk to please the Spirit!

If you are simply a Christian by name attending a church and the rest, you are no better off than Judas.

Listen carefully to Jesus and do what He says and you’ll be just fine. You will produce fruit in the lives of others through your commitment to the martyrs life!


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