ImageIf the politics of government doesn’t matter then religion doesn’t either.

What is government in the United States of America?  Government in the U.S. is the manifest will of the people.

When the people are amoral we get laws that are corrosive to our security; injustice is rampant and laws are arbitrary.  Conversely, if a culture is moral then reconstruction is possible. Security and justice will be reestablished.

Some have advocated for less of religions involvement in politics. Some Christians, in order to sell their religion have, given in to public pressure. They advocate inside and outside the church for less involvement in politics and culture.

Books are written to gain back the losses we have sustained with our young people of the church. For example some have written that the church has been too tough of the issue of homosexuality and that this has caused the youth to flee the church for more acceptable cultural norms.

We have been pushed to suppress our free speech on illicit drugs, medications for so called mental disorders, heavy dependence on prescribed medications, marriage out of wedlock, social welfare, adultery, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, homosexual adoption of children, the death penalty, environmental issues, and over taxation. We are called bigots for having a traditional Biblical world view.

But it is simply pressure to put us out of the way and many in the church cowardly retreat to become acceptable and popular. The reality is that the forces in play will not be satisfied until we are made irrelevant. And it seems we are becoming irrelevant by avoiding the pressure.

Each issue must be stood on with no retreat and advancing cause. This isn’t done with violence or anger but clarity and love. Love! I don’t mean we are milk toast sweetie pies. I mean repairing the resultant damage; the damage caused by these calamitous fantasies.

Help the drug addict personally, convince the individual to stop taking meds for their head while giving them a way to function with the tools God has given us. Personally help those trapped in the grasp of destructive social welfare programs.  Move to communities that need help and work with the children and families. Help families who are struggling with marital and children issues. This gives us the ability to help and show them the ways of Christ; many will be saved from the hell of this life and the one to come.

This will require a massive attitude change in the Church and a complete overhaul of how we do “church”.

This is more powerful than a vote yet we vote. We encourage others to vote. We support candidates that stand for these values; values that grow and sustain a healthy culture. Give money to these candidates.  Support organizations financially that push hard against these destructive policies.

Talk about these issue in an intelligent way. Develop arguments that are reasonable. While the Bible is your point of reference develop arguments that are from theirs. This is necessary to communicate the value of these ideas.

The thrust is first inside the family, then the church, then the community and then the political arena. Yet the area that needs to be explored most is how we interact with those who are suffering as a result of these polices and popular philosophies. We are going to do things that we never did before.

Pastors are going to have to change and elders will need to develop organizational strategies to help these people. The individuals of the church are going to be risk takers and do the uncomfortable thing; caring for the people personally. We will need to move and live amongst them. We have to open the doors of our homes.

We will not complain and wring our hands but act. There is no surrender, no quit: Only love manifest in people who labor for all those under the destructive force of the socio-political structure that is crushing them. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

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