A civil war must come. Not with guns. Not for slaves but the Gospel and those entrapped by a damning version. Many call for peace and unity, but at what cost? Many will continue to perish without the liberation that must come.

To amass a force is the first order of business. It relies on the minds and hearts of those of the church. One can’t engage the enemy without a force. But how do we awaken that force? What will need to occur to stir a revolution of thought and action?

When the colonies were formed to become the United States of America there were many issues discussed and agreed upon. This was necessary to find common ground for a unified state. The issue of slavery was brought up but tabled. It was a difficult issue to unify over when some used it, some didn’t, and others thought it morally repugnant. It was left to a latter day in order to prepare for the fight for independence.

Within 100 years the issue of slavery matured into a gangrenous issue, one of survival of the Union. It came to be that the issue ignored to unify the states may divide. The South was to break the union formed for the revolution. Armies were formed and the inevitable occurred. We know that through this we gained unity and outlawed slavery. Many died as a result of the war but now many live in liberty because of their sacrifice.

The state of Christianity is more important than the issue of slavery. The gospel liberates to form the moral clarity and conviction upon which all other liberties gain their genesis.

Some want peace and unity. Of course we all do, but not at the cost of souls. We couldn’t live with souls perishing for eternity so we could have pleasant cross-denominational picnics and worship services. Who could fill themselves on these delights while the masses burn.

We have done an incredible job over the last 60 years propagating this gospel hybrid around the world. There are 200 million professing Christians in the United States. Africa, South America and Asia have received this version of the gospel so well perpetrated against the U.S.

We know something is wrong. There is no way there are that many Christians in the U.S. If it were true you would expect that drug use would be down, jails would be empty, and inner-cities would flourish. No racial divide would exist, poverty would be down, and divorce and abortions would virtually evaporate.

We have convinced 200 million people and the masses around the world that if they believe in Jesus their sins are forgiven and they will have eternal life. Ok, for arguments sake I’ll give you that but only to ask this. Isn’t believing in Jesus supposed to liberate from sin? Isn’t it a force that changes us?

Even if the gospel as purported, mystically comes to radically changes us, are you surprised those affected are so impotent, life less, and unproductive?

Haven’t we seen the effect to expect? Isn’t it described in Acts? The early church was propelled to the Middle East, North Africa and Europe to undermine all competing philosophies and religions. Will it die on our watch?

One distinctive of the Gospel rightly preached, accepted and lived is that of selfless living for the life and souls of our world. Isn’t that the life of Christ?

Is this the distinctive we find from the modern age of Gospel preaching?

We have ripped at the gospel and deformed it and rebuilt a disfigured corpse and called it alive. We took dead bodies and announced them living. But they still stink. Imagine Lazarus propped up outside his grave carried carefully by Christ-a puppeteer- broadcasting a resurrection with the smell still assaulting the crowd.

Yes it reeks. We cannot ignore this any longer!

We need a corps-not corpse-to take on the opposing gospel. We need a war to liberate the people. We need to drag this enemy perversion into the street hanging it from the highest tree and leave it to swell and decompose. It must be displayed as defeated and as a grotesque and week; a shameful remembrance. The horror! The horror on display! It has already damned too many.

Likely you must first be liberated. I was once an ardent propagator and activist of the lie. I didn’t live down to the low standard of this perversion of a gospel, but I proclaimed it.

Re-read Jesus and listen to His emphasis. This may be your only chance to be liberated, and join the forces to liberate the captives.

“Jesus wept!” Remember why?

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