Martyrdom or Depends

“I shall testify with my blood, what I have taught and confessed with my mouth.” was the Anabaptist confession. Is this elemental to the cross of Jesus? I think it is. This is more than admirable but expected.

I like this attitude. In our culture I guess we say something like “Put your money where your mouth is!” or “Put up or shut up!”

Yes, we are to be like Christ. Ok, we know this but in what ways? What do we emulate and what don’t we? To mimic Jesus properly we need to adopt His values. Admittedly, I’m not doing well with the power thing (raising the dead) so I’ll stick to His values.

We know He came to do the will of the Father even unto the cross. He pleased His Father in all He did because of this driving desire to do His will. The Father loves the Son and the Son the Father. The Cross is salvation and is also the model; this salvation is the new way of life.

But practically speaking, this can remain as theoretical. Face it, we probably won’t do anything more spectacular than die in an old folk’s home.

But, I have a higher hope for you!

Let’s look at ourselves. If the Father did not spare His own Son why would He us? He expected His Son to obey even to the cross. Is it different for us? Is their salvation in less? You know, “give up your life and you’ll save it stuff.”

It doesn’t have to remain an untested faith, it can manifest into service, a life laid down for the underprivileged and lost. You may not die over the fiery coals on an upside-down cross, but with the determination of Jesus and the martyrs you can devote each thought, effort, day and dollar to the service of humanity for Christ’s sake.

Team with visionaries! Work locally, work abroad! Save souls, save lives! Die penniless and tired!

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